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Why Acculaw (ASBMS) instead of Generic Accounting Software like "Quickbooks"

Quickbooks and many other generic software is a great way to look after the General Ledger and Office Payroll when you have to take taxes out of employee wages and produce income statements and balance sheets for your business. However, to look after sub-contractors that are under a commission and to manage your specific business flow of a court reporting agency requires specialized software like the ASBMS. The ASBMS takes over the Accounts Receivable module of your generic software and gives you information to alleviate most of the inefficiencies that cost you thousands each year.

The ASBMS is a total management system that only you can understand. A lawyer, computer, and/or accounting expert looks after many different businesses and they understand the common chores, however, only you know the complexities of your business. The ASBMS can give you rewards such as:
  1. Obtain a clean type written schedule per day with all necessary information such as Date of Service, Time, ordering attorney, client, location etc, that you can change and reprint within a few seconds.
  2. Obtain at your option, a work order to your reporter informing them all particulars of a job such date, time, location, directions, special requirements and any and all information they may need to help them complete their job by email or other means. In turn this reporter can "log in" or fill out said work order and inform you in writing all the particulars on what happen at the job and how to bill for your services.
  3. Obtain bills, re-bills and statements they way your client likes to see them so they can pay the bill promptly. Complete with ordering attorney, defendant/plaintiff, witness names and case numbers.
  4. Obtain automatic calculations of the reporters commission within a few seconds each pay period.
  5. Obtain instant results on transaction searches based on start time, ordering attorney, plaintiff, defendant, amounts and many other methods.
  6. Obtain answers in a few seconds to common questions such as: i)How much money does the agency owe the court reporter at any given time. ii) How many estimated pages a reporter is holding at any given time and who can take expedite jobs now. iii) Estimate on cost or exact price to your client and many other answers you cannot give without a good system.
This service is available for $39.00 per month . Call for free consulting on your business by a specialist who has been providing computerized services for over 27 years. 1-800-251-5529