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All existing customers looking to enhance their business should get on our new system, especially if you are considering new hardware. Our older system does not work on any 64 bit operating systems (-eg- Windows 7). Our new system works on all computers that have internet access.

Please be patient with your new transition. We will be contacting you before your contract expires, so that you will not have to pay the $295.00 initial license fee.

It took many years for Acculaw, Inc to decide how it was going to move existing customers into the future. This web-based system is the future. All major software companies and most Fortune 5000 companies are safely operating for many years and the time has come for us.

ASBMS WEB will run its service on a platform manufactured by Microsoft called "WINDOWS AZURE". No more calling net work specialist who ask many questions that you don't have answers, but yet charge considerable money. No more worry about security of your system.

Users will now have the ability to access their schedule, job management, billing functions and even upload work content from any place that has internet access.

Users will be able to easily email ANY report including work orders, invoices, and statements with "one click".

Users, which could be "reporters" who you grant "limited" or "full access"  to, can log in and input for you a promised date, estimated pages and all particulars from the job so you can make an accurate invoice and have all information at your finger tips. Reporters can even upload their steno notes, transcripts, etc for safe keeping. Your agency can be the real guardian of the record.

Users, which could be "office help", could confirm jobs easily and produce confirmed and unconfirmed schedules that the manager can assign from home or work site.