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Court Reporter Computer & Software Repair Service Center

Court reporter computer repair

Acculaw, Inc. computer & software repair service center has over 25 years of experience, customer satisfaction and it's capable of fixing any computerized court reporting system. We buy and sell older court reporting systems daily and has been affiliated with most major vendors in our industry giving us a major advantage over local computer repair outlets. Service contracts with your software vendor are not necessary.

Court reporting computer components are very unique; it takes a specialist to understand how to configure, install and have all necessary tools to test. All systems from Acculaw can be fixed within 24 hours.

Computer & Software Repair
  Have any of this:
  • Computer repair for older and newer systems:
    • Desktops (all brands)
    • Laptops (all brands)

  • Computer setup for older & newer court reporting software as:
    - Case CATalyst
    - Xscribe 2001
    - Premier Power
    - ProCat
    - Cheetah
    - StenoCat
    - Eclipse
    - Cimmarron PC
    - Baron OZPC
    - OmniCat
    - Maestro
    - VeriCat
    - RapidWrite

  • Software & writer setup
  • Dictionary conversion
  • Data transfer
  • Data recovery
  • Computer/Software consultation
  • Technical support (over the phone)
  • Remote desktop technical support
    (for Windows XP systems and above)

  • I need a laptop or desktop for my older software
  • Software it’s not printing
  • My computer it’s not connecting to my writer
  • Computer disk drive it’s not working
  • My screen it’s just black
  • Computer doesn’t detect my USB to serial
  • I need and output port for a judge
  • I’m switching court reporting software and need to convert my dictionary
  • I don’t know how to do something with my software
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