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CondenseIt Transcript Condensing and Indexing Software

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Condense It Transcript Condensing and Indexing Software
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Comes with - Disk & User's Guide

What is It ?

Condense It is a software program designed to accept standard ASCII or DOS text files and arrange them to be printed in a variety of output formats. The output options include condensed transcripts and indexes. All output formats provide a clean, presentation quality document.

What is Condensing?

A condensed transcript is a reduced image of your document. This process saves time and money on filing, storing, faxing, and mailing documents. It uses far less paper and so reduces weight and clutter on desk and table tops and in brief cases. It also makes in-transit reading easier, and by presenting more information at a glance, helps to improve comprehension and reduce oversights.

The primary purpose of Condense It is to reduce images of depositions and transcripts within the legal community.

What is Indexing?

You are familiar with the basic idea of indexing from school. You look a word up in the back of the book, usually a subject or a name, and there is a list of the pages where that word is referenced.

To build an index we take all the words in a document, produce a reference that list all the words in alphabetical order, and we show under each word every place it was used in the document, by page and line.

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