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Court Reporting Software F.A.Q

Acculaw carries the following court reporting software:

Case CATalyst
Xscribe 2001
Premier Power
Baron OZ PC
Cimmarron PC
Rapid Text
Rapid Write
Condense It

I need a dictionary conversion.

Yes, we do dictionary conversions Please call 1-800-251-5529 to start your dictionary conversion.

Which court reporting software packages would Acculaw like to buy from me?

Acculaw, will make an offer on any software that has a security key and is registered with the manufacturer, has a license in good standing with the manufacturer, and that has been paid for in full.

How do I sell my court reporting software to Acculaw?

Acculaw, will make you an offer. If you decide to sell your rights to the software, Acculaw will pay you on behalf of the new owner. You will need to sign a Acculaw purchase agreement as well as a manufacturer license transfer agreement in which you will forfeit all rights to the software. The legal rights to use the software will then be transferred to another person, who will become registered as the new licensee with the manufacturer.

Does Acculaw offer a warranty when I purchase a court reporting software package ?

If for some reason, there is a problem with the original software or security key within 30 days, Acculaw will replace them, upon receipt of the faulty item(s), with a new original owner's software or security key. Acculaw will not warrant that any court reporting software sold should have any special features or have all claimed factory updates at the date of purchase, nor shall it guarantee that there will be ongoing technical training or other support programs attached to such software. Acculaw can only give what was entitled to the original owner during their license period with the software manufacturer, as well as assist you to initially make the software operable on your computer system.