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Phoenix Theory Exercise Keys 2010 Beta

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Phoenix Theory Exercise Keys 2010 Beta
Price: $41.00
Phoenix Theory Exercise Keys 2010 Beta

by Carol Webster Jochim

Condition: Used

The Phoenix Theory Exercise Keys provide two purposes:

  • For reading practice prior to writing the exercises on your steno machine.
  • As a key to compare your own notes.

The Exercise Key have been provided in plated format, which means they match what you would see on a paper tape or a display from a steno machine. This has been done for two reasons:

  • Reading plated notes facilitate faster learning by helping your brain grasp the left/right aspect of each stroke.
  • As you become proficient in reading, you will eventually cease to see individual letters that make up sounds and instead read that group as a whole. For example, if I ask a working reporter how to write "judge", they will usually wave their fingers in front of them, form the position of the keys and say something to the effect of, "I'm not sure what the letters are, but it's all the left-hand bottom keys, a "U" and these four keys on the right." We want you to start thinking like that too, associating sound with the feeling of the groups of keys those letters together in your mind faster than seeing in what we call "compressed" format.