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Phoenix Theory: Speed Plus II - 70, 80 wpm

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Price: $10.00
Phoenix Theory: Speed Plus II - 70, 80 wpm

Condition: Used

Literary-based speed building book containing 20 lessons. Lessons introduce and build skill on new vocabulary, including optional briefs and phrases, then push for speed using that vocabulary in sentences and longer takes. Includes tips on grammar, spelling, punctuation and other language arts skills. Provides a thorough theory review.

Each lesson contains:

  • 1- to 1 1/2-minute takes dictated at five speeds (10 wpm increments)
  • 3-minute takes dictated at three speeds (10 wpm increments)
  • 5-minute takes dictated at two speeds (10 wpm increments)
  • 6- to 11-minute takes dictated at one speed

Speed Plus II - target speeds 70, 80 wpm

Manufacturer: Stenograph