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Preowned Stentura® 400 SRT (CUSTOM PACKAGE)

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Stentura® 400 SRT
Stentura® 400 SRT
Price: $295.00
Ships within 24-48 hours / Call for expedited.


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Wide Keys*
Realtime Cables
Steno Paper

Preowned Stentura® 400 SRT

Stenograph® Stentura® 400 SRT Color Black

Note: We recommend getting Preowned Stenograph Stentura® Protege (CUSTOM PACKAGE)


  • Realtime transfer of notes
  • Manual and electric writing modes
  • Electronic paper spacing
  • 50-page memory
  • Lightweight. Under 5 lbs.
  • Dust cover
  • Charger
  • User's Guide
  • 30 day warranty

Optional Features:
  • Wide Keys (free)
  • Realtime Cables*
  • Steno Paper
  • Paper Tray
  • Carrying case
  • Tripod
  • Ink Cartridge (new)
  • Battery (new)
  • Refurbishment w/ 1 year warranty
  • Warranty (Additional year)
  • Toll-Free tech support
*A USB to Serial Adapter is needed in order to use the serial realtime kit if you’re desktop or notebook does not have a 9PIN Male Serial Port. (Add above under personalization)

Many newer computers do not come with serial ports anymore. The Stenograph® Stentura® 400SRT only uses a serial port.
9PIN Male Serial Port

*Remember all of Acculaw's court reporting steno writers have been re-conditioned and come with warranty. Re-conditioned means the writer has been completely chemically cleaned and disassembled to inspect all parts for wear and tear; all parts are lubricated and any part that shows wear it's replaced (pads, springs, roller, etc...). Finally, when the writer is re-assembled it goes through a series of tests that it needs to pass in order to be sold to our customers. (Every court reporting stenography machine is tested when it is re-conditioned and before it is shipped to our customer).

* Shipping charges apply

Manufacturer: Stenograph

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