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Professional Business Support Finger Fun! Steno Drill Book

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Price: $10.00
Professional Business Support Finger Fun! Steno Drill Book

By Joan Peters & Edited by Bill Courtland

Condition: :Used

"PBS' philosophy for building speed, to be very brief, is that you must eliminate hesitations in your writing... The process requires careful analysis of your notes, identification of your specific writing problem(s), and focused practice to eliminate those problems. This book is intended to be used during your focused practice time. As a quick inspection of the Table of Contents shows, each section provides you with many exercises on specific fingering combinations.

Our opinion is the short word lists or 2- or 3-stroke steno outlines do not give you the variety of stroke combinations needed to master a particular outline. You only "own" an outline if you can move from any place on the keyboard to the problem outline an then on to any other outline. Therefore, Finger Fun! is sentences that represent a wide variety of finger combinations before and after the target finer pattern.

Elimination of a hesitation is a gradual process that is spread over several practice sessions: a hesitation does not usually disappear in one sitting. One of our goals is to give you material that is interesting enough that you will come back to use it again and again."