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Punctuation for Court Reporters

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Punctuation for Court Reporters Book
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Punctuation for Court Reporters Second Edition

by Nathaniel Weiss

Condition: Used

Taken from the foreword:

This book, then, deals with the punctuation of spoken English as transcribed by the reporter. It assumes a basic knowledge by the reader of the basic rules of punctuation for written English, and applies them to the special problems encountered by shorthand reporters in their transcripts. It also covers paragraphing and some other aspects of transcript style. It is intended as a text for the student reporter and as a reference work for the practicing reporter. The chapters may be read in any order desired.

This book originated in a series of articles that were first published in The Transcript, official magazine of the New York State Shorthand Reporters Association, to which acknowledgment is herewith gratefully made. With some additions, the articles later appeared in the pages of The National Shorthand Reporter, now the Journal of Court Reporting. Their order here is different from that in the magazines, and some changes have been made in chapter headings and in the text, particularly in Chapter 14, “The Art of Paragraphing"; generally, however, the book is a fairly close approximation of the articles.

I wish to thank the reporters who have read the original articles in draft form and given much helpful advice. Prominent among them were Irving Kosky and William Cohen. Irving Kosky especially was subjected to all the articles in draft form; his detailed suggestions greatly improved the quality of the final versions. I also owe a great debt to my brother Irwin, an experienced English teacher, who read all the articles and made many thoughtful suggestions. The application of the various suggestions, from whatever source, has been mine alone, and so must be the responsibility for any faults that may be found in this book.

Nathaniel Weiss New York, N.Y.

Foreword to the Second Edition This book was first published in 1971, before the sexual revolution taught us, among other things, to be evenhanded with regard to gender in the use of personal pronouns for example. Everyone should do his or her best." To conform to that standard in this second printing. I use masculine personal pronouns in the odd-numbered chapters and feminine personal pronouns in the even-numbered chapters. Another change that was prompted by the passage of time is the substitution of recent dates for more remote dates in the illustrative examples. Some minor changes have also been made here and there in the text to reflect the changes in my own approach during the last 24 years.

In 1978, NCRA published Grammar for Shorthand Reporters, written by Irwin Weiss. The second edition to this classic text was published in 1993. I recommend it for reporters who wish to learn more about the grammatical underpinnings of punctuation in reporters' tranScripts.

Finally, I wish to thank Peter Wacht, Staff Writer for the National Court Reporters Association, for his patient and perceptive assistance in the preparation of this second edition.

Nathaniel Weiss New York, N.Y. January 1995