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Sony BM-246 Court/Conference Recorder

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Price: $495.00
Sony BM-246 Court/Conference Recorder

  • DUAL CASSETTE OPERATION accommodates two individual cassettes and permits single-deck or automatic changeover operation (one deck records while the other plays back)
  • 2-SPEED OPERATION for recording time up to 6 hours without interruption
  • 4-TRACK, 4-CHANNEL RECORDING permits monitoring of individual voices or playback of independent conversations
  • INDEPENDENT RECORD SIGNAL INDICATORS display recording activity; Two-button Stop prevents accidental interruption of recording
  • STANDARD CASSETTE SYSTEM uses easy to obtain compact cassettes for recording and playback convenience
  • AUTOMATIC RETURN TO RECORD-END provides a quick repositioning of the tape to end of last recorded portion, for continued recording
  • KEY-LOCK SECURITY with two-position on/off operation allows for security of recorded cassettes
  • VARIABLE SPEED PLAYBACK provides for slower than normal or faster than normal playback for transcribing convenience
  • 3-FUNCTION FOOT CONTROL is available, to let the transcriber change mode from Play to Rewind to Fast-Forward without removing hands from the keyboard
  • 5-DIGIT LED COUNTERS have battery back-up, and are independent to permit control and monitoring of each deck separately
  • EASY SEARCH FUNCTION quickly locates particular tape segments automatically
  • BUILT-IN SPEAKER atop the unit for playback
  • SPEED/TONE/VOLUME CONTROLS are individual slider-type, front panel mounted, to allow easy one-finger adjustment for transcribing convenience
  • 8 CANNON XLR MIC JACKS (two per channel) prevent accidental microphone removal and allow for extended audio coverage without radio frequency interference
  • AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL ensures that proper recording levels are maintained automatically
  • BUILT-IN TRANSCRIBE CAPABILITY allows unit to be used as a full-function transcriber
  • DUAL CASSETTE WINDOWS enable users to view tape movement for each cassette


  • RECORDING SYSTEM: 4 Track, 4 Channel Monaural. One Way
  • TAPE SPEED: 2.4cm/sec (90min on DC-90)
    1.2cm/sec (180min on DC-90)
  • FAST WINDING TIME: Approx.. 2min 20sec with DC-90 Cassette
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 200 - 4,00OHz (1.2cm/sec)
    200 - 6,00OHz (2.4cm/sec)
  • PLAYBACK SPEED CONTROL RANGE: Approx. +50% to -1 0% of normal speed
  • SPEAKER: 3 1/16" (7.7cm) Dia
  • CURRENT DRAIN: Approx. 35OmA
  • DIMENSIONS (WHD): 13 7/8" x 3 1/2" x 13 1/2"
    (351 x 86.5 x 342mm)
  • WEIGHT: Approx. 12 lbs 10 oz (5.7kg)
  • INPUTS: 8 XLR-3 Type (Cannon) Microphone Inputs
    Sensitivity 0.2mV (-72 dB) for Low Impedance Microphones
  • OUTPUTS: Earphone Mini Jack (8 ohm)
    Public Address Connector (Phone Jack) for 10 kohm Amplifier
    Display Connector (Remote Digital Counter Display)
  • OTHER CONNECTORS: Transcribing Connector for optional FS-85 Foot Control Unit

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