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Steno Machine Repair

Acculaw, Inc. Steno Repair & Services all makes & models with over 20 years of experience and customer satisfaction. (Stenograph® - Xscribe - ProCat - & others) We have also help thousands of court reporters get operational or upgrade inexpensively despite their software vendor and local computer people stating it was impossible. Whatever your operational problem, Acculaw has the resources to fix that problem and get you back producing pages.

Steno Repair Services
Steno Machines Acculaw Repairs
  • Overhaul
  • Light Cleaning
  • LCD/Screen Replacement
  • Main Board Replacement
  • Electronic Board Repairs
    • Charger connector
    • USB connector
    • SD card connector
    • CF connector
    • and more
  • Flat Flexible Cable Replacement
  • Disk Drive Replacement
  • Shell Replacement
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Motor Replacement
  • Shim Keyboard Short Stroke
  • Wide Key Installation
  • Old & New Steno Machines
  • Expedited Overnight Available
  • 24 Hour Turn-Around
  • Free Estimates (over the phone)
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Stenograph® Machines
Stenograph® Diamante®
Stenograph® Wave®
élan Mira® A3
élan Mira® G2
élan Mira®
élan Cybra® Pro
élan Cybra® Stu
Stentura® Fusion
Stentura® 8000LX
Stentura® 8000
Stentura® 6000LX
Stentura® 6000
Stentura Protégé®
Stentura® 500
Stentura® 400 SRT
Stentura® 400
Stentura® 200 SRT
Stentura® 200
Steno-Lectric Reporter Model
Manual Reporter Model

Secretarial Reporter- Model
Stenoram Ultra

Xscribe Machines
Stenoram Ultra
Stenoram III+
Stenoram III

Stenoram II
FirstCat Plus Manual

ProCat Machines
ProCat Stylus II
ProCat Stylus I
ProCat Flash

Other Machines
Merit Writer
Baron TX
Baron TX Manual
Data Writer Manual

Other Equipment Acculaw Repairs