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Steno Wireless Realtime

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Steno Wireless Realtime for Elan Mira
Price: Please call for pricing 1800-251-5529

Free yourself from the hassle of a realtime cable with the Wireless Realtime Kit with Bluetooth® technology by Socket® Communications! Now you can have an invisible connection between your writing machine and your CAT software.

  • Freely move around the conference room without being tethered to your computer.
  • Attend sidebars, bench conferences and in-chambers discussions without detaching and reattaching your cable.
  • Work in cramped doctors' offices and hospital rooms without worrying about someone tripping over your cord.
  • Move closer to the witness when difficult acoustics interfere without moving your laptop.
  • Feel confident that encrypted communications between your laptop computer and writing machine are secure.
Condition: Like New

  • Steno Wireless Adapter
  • Bluetooth USB Dongle w/drivers
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Installation Support
Compatible with the following Steno writers:
  • Stentura Fusion
  • Stentura Protégé
  • élan Mira (all models)
  • élan Cybra (all models)
Manufacturer: Other

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