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Stenograph Luminex CAPTIONER / STUDENT Writer with 1 Year Warranty

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Refurbished Stenograph® Luminex CAPTIONER / STUDENT

The Luminex CAPTIONER / STUDENT features innovative computer technology and advanced software science to provide something entirely new. The Luminex CAPTIONER / STUDENT is smaller and lighter, has an extraordinary degree of precision, and provides the finest writing experience ever possible.

The most important thing about this writer is what’s invisible! Under-the-hood, dual key channels keep keys more in alignment on the way down and reduce vibration. Chrome-plated key levers reduce friction and provide a smoother action. The frame is now made of magnesium which is much lighter but equal to or stronger than aluminum, and even stronger than titanium. The real magic happens with TrueStroke™ which was in the Diamante™ and has evolved to be better and better over the years. It is even more advanced and the result is cleaner steno notes. You can be a pounder, have the lightest touch ever, or anywhere in between and TrueStroke™ will make you a better writer than before.

  • Free keytop configuration ($50.00 value)
  • One Year Warranty
  • No Sales tax except in Florida
  • Standard Luminex Tote
  • Micro USB cable
  • 110/220 volt A/C adapter/charger with North American plug
  • EasyLock® LMX Tripod
  • Rechargeable battery installed
  • Downloadable Writer Utility with dictionary conversion program for non-Stenograph® software
  • Downloadable Utilities and Tutorial
  • Downloadable Luminex CAPTIONER / STUDENT User Guide

The Luminex CAPTIONER / STUDENT Design:
  • Weighs a mere 3.5 lbs
  • Is 33% thinner than the Diamante
  • Stands a mere 2.5” tall
  • Has a screen that folds completely flat with a full-color high-resolution LCD screen
  • Includes a touch screen and touch sensors buttons

Luminex CAPTIONER / STUDENT Mechanics:

The Luminex is made with a dual key stabilizer and chrome-plated lever. This combination drastically improves key stability by reducing the side-to-side key wobbling and adds smoothness to the stroke. You won’t be wasting any effort during the up and down motion of the stroke. The result is less exertion during the stroke and an incredible feel.

Together they create a more responsive writer that boosts speed and precision.

Other features include:
  • 35% greater range in depth of stroke for dialing in the shortest stroke ever!
  • A greater range in tension settings for finding that sweet spot!
  • Built-in power source, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Lithium-ion battery technologies, for faster charging and longer charge life.
  • Includes USB power option for complete flexibility.

From the First Stroke to Your Last

Luminex CAPTIONER / STUDENT interprets the nuances of your writing throughout the day. The result is accuracy from the first to the last stroke of the day.

The travel direction and acceleration of each key are independently measured, sensed, and analyzed to give a three-dimensional view of your stroke. It will discern dragging, splitting, stacking, and shadowing.

How It Works
  • The slightest motion or the heaviest pounding will be measured to provide the highest level of accuracy when writing.
  • Communicates directly with your writer in real time.
  • Translates would-be untranslated by reading the action of your fingers. It takes factual information about your strokes and provides you with a more accurate translation.
  • Accurately tracks the movement of each individual keystroke.
  • Replaces traditional contact adjustments for cleaner writing right from the start.
Manufacturer: Stenograph