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Battery for Stentura® & ProCat® Steno Machines

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Stenograph® Stentura® Battery
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Since Stenograph® discontinued these batteries, Acculaw uses pre-owned and re-cycled plastic shells.

We then install NEW batteries inside the plastic shell and tested.

These are exact new batteries that stenograph used when they sold the batteries. We then solder this new battery in an existing shell.

Using different after market batteries can damage your main electronic board.

Battery for Stentura® & ProCat® Steno Machines - Recycled
Your buying the installation and replacement of the battery inside plastic shell. (30 Day Warranty)
How long for service center to send battery back to customer?
24 hour turn-around.
How long does battery last and how often should I change it?
Battery lasts up to 24 hours depending on the steno machine being used, Battery life is also affected when doing realtime. (Replace batteries every 12 to 18 months)
Works with:
Stentura® 8000LX
Stentura® 8000
Stentura® 6000LX
Stentura® 6000
Stentura® 500
Stentura® 400 SRT
Stentura® 400
Stentura® 200 SRT
ProCat® Flash
ProCat® Stylus

Manufacturer: Acculaw
Manufacturer Part No: 33154

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