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The Deposition Handbook

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The Deposition Handbook
Price: $40.00
The Deposition Handbook by Lynn Brooks

Paperback – 1989
Condition: Used

From the Foreword of the book:
"A few years ago, when Mary Louise Gilman was editor of the NSR, she received a letter from a brand-new court reporter who had a lot of good questions on how to be a freelance reporter. She had learned to write shorthand at her reporting school but felt she needed a lot more information on what a freelance court reporter does in taking depositions.

Mary Louise asked me if I would like to write an article in response to this new reporter's plea for help, and I agreed. Little did I know that it would take me over eight months lo write and would, in its final form, run in four successive issues of the magazine. This handbook arises from the requests of reporters and school owners alike that NSRA turn those articles into a book. In the process, we have made several additions to the text.

Everything we can think of about depositions, from what to carry in your briefcase or machine case to reporting a deposition in a foreign country, is in here—but I must say that all this knowledge wasn't mine alone.

I asked several reporters around the country for their help, for procedures are not uniform all over. Not only did they respond with more knowledge, but several of them sent me a copy of their office work sheets. We have duplicated them at the back of this handbook for you to copy and use or adapt as you need to.

This book is dedicated to all the reporters out there who are working their hardest to produce the best record possible."